Liberating Structures – Including and unleashing everyone

Liberating Structures  is a repertoire of 33+ simple methods or structures that quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include and unleash everyone. You often find that they productively and playfully disrupt conventional patterns in how we work together.

LS blends very well with any agile practice. All material is open and being continuously expanded by a friendly global user group.  It was highlighted at AgilaSverige2019  

Come and join us on a playful session where you will discover and practice some of the structures

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Session with Anders Linse

This is a pre-selected sessions to make you curious and demonstrate how the session-pitching works.

Anders got involved with Liberating Structures in 2016 and was surprised how much the work with coaching groups and organizations improved when he tried some of the ideas. Much better results, deeper engagement and more laughter in the room. That led to a trip to the US to deepen his experience together with a passionate user forum. Anders is now organizing the first Scandinavian Liberating Structure Immersion so he can meet more local users and learn together:   
Anders is an ICF Coach and lives in Karlskrona with family and three kayaks

Open Participatory Organization

Imagine an organization driven by purpose where all work, both strategic and operational work, is performed in self organized teams. Imagine an organization with a high degree of trust and transparency, and where multiple sub-cultures naturally develop and are cultivated in different teams depending on needs and the type of work that the team performs.

OPO – Open Participatory Organization – is an open architecture to facilitate creating such organizations. It does not require a whole systems approach to adoption. OPO has been designed with a realistic approach to how people naturally are and has been built on top of world class level understanding of complexity, human psychology and group dynamics.

Session with Michael Göthe

This is a pre-selected sessions to make you curious and demonstrate how the session-pitching works.

Michael is an Agile Organisational Coach at Crisp in Stockholm. He is passionate about transforming organizations and business to become truly Agile organizations. He has co-founded the Agile community Agile People with the purpose to bring Agile principles and values to the broad public and is co-organizer of the yearly Agile People Sweden conference. He has extensive experience since 20+ years of building high performance team-based Agile organizations in large multi-national/cultural organizations as well as working with start-up companies, public sector and non-profit.

“Why & Who” over “What & How” …

… Else your transformations will fail!

Every company wants to become „agile“. Barely anyone knows what that means. In my current state of confusion I believe „agile“ means decentralisation of decision powers, reduction of bureaucracy, self-organisation and consequent inviting leadership.
For that reason we need to stop the agile cargo cults. We did try to accelerate businesses with scrum theatre by pushing people into teams, pushing them into retrospectives, commitment, reporting and deadlines. The structures of big companies never changed and we celebrate some agile flavoured command and control.
Together we will discuss how to apply agile principles to your agile transformation.

Session with Alexander Krause

This is a pre-selected sessions to make you curious and demonstrate how the session-pitching works.

Alex lives in Germany and is in love with Sweden and Agility – he likes to work with people on the system. His expertise is systemic change, human interaction and the creation of complex solution systems.


  • Finding your values and purpose (personal and team) – 2 time slots:
    Values are core for the way our daily life is working out. Do you know yours? What are the shared Values of your team?
    In this session we will look at a tangible way of finding these. And perhaps even get to your personal or your teams purpose.
  • Energy management  (are you controlling your life or is your life controlling you)
    The key to mastering your life is managing your Time, energy and focus.
    In this session we will take a look at a tangible way to do this.

Sessions with Per Beining

These are pre-selected sessions to make you curious and demonstrate how the session-pitching works.

Per is an experienced agile coach from Copenhagen, a singer, a beer-lover and a wonderful friend. So happy he can be with us!

Keynote: Woody Zuill

Yay, we asked and he said yes! The „father“ of mob programming and an #noestimates expert. Happy to announce Woodys keynote for the opening of day 2 on October 10th.

Mob Programming and Self Organization

Mob Programming emerged from the efforts of a team attempting to learn how to work well together. We were paying attention and taking action to turn up the good on anything we found was going well for us. Many of the problems that plague teams faded away. Rather than wait (and hope) for someone else to improve our environment, we did it ourselves. We found that a self-managing and self-organizing team is best positioned to understand how to manage the work they face.

Keynote: Jurgen Appelo

We are so happy to start day 1 with this very well known speaker. I am sure you heard about „management 3.0“, „managing for happiness“ and his new book „startup, scaleup, screwup“.

Shakeup and Speedup

Shifting up the Innovation Funnel​ ​(for businesses that want to change and innovate faster)
Talk abstract
Starting new teams and scaling up innovation is more important than ever. The key to success is applying different practices in different stages of the innovation lifecycle. What works for a new business does not work for a mature one, and vice versa. In this talk, we will nosedive into the major good practices for business leaders and product teams, from the moment they have an innovative idea to the day they will scale it up (or screw it up). Everything depends on the lifecycle stage of the new product or service.
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The first blog post

Happy to have a raw wordpress running, not easy working with an ipad only, motivated to create a nice page to invite lots of cool people to NEW WORK SWEDEN in Växjö on October 9. & 10. 2019!