Welcome to New Work Sweden

Hello agile friend,
we are proud to tell you about the upcoming New Work Sweden events!

Expect this in 2022:

  • Early 2022: In Europe we experience the fourth wave of the pandemic… or the first wave of B1.1.529. Therefore we will not meet and hope you are all well.
    But this is no reason to stop learning about agility! You are very welcome to join the monthly online open space of the agile learning lab Berlin (ALL-Berlin): https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Agile-Learning-Lab-Berlin/
  • Autumn 2022: We hope the pandemic has gone, we hope to be able to meet in person again for a two days Unconference, fully packed with content provided by the community! YAY!

All events will be in Open Space Style:
Open Space means that all participants bring their questions and impulses, everyone can propose sessions to fill the agenda. Then every participant trains self-organization by being part of the sessions he/she is most interested in.
If you haven’t experienced it yet – this will be just one of the learnings you will take away.

Linda, Henric, Mattias, Alex