Welcome to New Work Sweden

Hello agile friend,
we are proud to tell you about the upcoming New Work Sweden events!

Expect this in 2023:

  • Wednesday, 15.03.2023: ONLINE EVENT!
    After a winter-sleep we want to reactivate the agile community in Kronobergs Län to refresh our connections and to gather feedback to optimize upcoming events in late summer and autumn.
    Invitations for 15.03.2023 online event will be send out soon.
  • Summer & Autumn 2023: We hope to have one or two smaller meetups in Växjö in late summer and we dream of a two days Unconference in autumn, fully packed with content provided by the community! YAY!

All events will be in Open Space Style:
Open Space means that all participants bring their questions and impulses, everyone can propose sessions to fill the agenda. Then every participant trains self-organization by being part of the sessions he/she is most interested in.
If you haven’t experienced it yet – this will be just one of the learnings you will take away.

Linda, Henric, Mattias, Alex