Why are we doing it?

This page is about our purpose and the organizers:


Alexander: I am living in Berlin, Germany, since my birth in 1972. My Mother bought a little red house near Alvesta around 1986. Since 2016 I own this house and come Sweden at least three times per year.
As I am a leadership enthusiast, engagement catalyst and mobile work pioneer – I love to share and learn wherever I am.
I started looking for the agile community in Småland 2015. It took a while to find Mattias, Henric and Linda. We had small events like public Lunch’n’Lerning Sessions and then in 2019 finally: one small Open Space meetup and a wonderful two days unconference to gather the southern Swedish New Work community. It is about creating the learning and entertainment I like. I can do it, you can do it, we can do it. We will foster our personal growth and help each other to design new work worlds!