Tight Loose Tight – Case studies and experiences – virtual meetup Nov 27th 2023

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Maybe you have already heard about the Norwegian agile way of Tight Loose Tight – but how does it really work? And what do people say about it who are using it in their daily life?

Join this meetup and learn about others’ experiences and maybe even share yours.

  • Rune Ulvnes & Susanne Ringen will give a short introduction to Tight Loose Tight
  • Christian Kalla, founder of the Germany based music production company PLYGRND will share his experiences after having used Tight Loose Tight for over a year. 
  • Open discussion and space for sharing questions & experiences

We are looking forward to an inspiring evening and good discussions.

About Rune Ulvnes & Tight Loose Tight: After having worked with agile concepts and not yet seeing really good results, Rune Ulvnes decided to create an own concept. It follows agile principles but leaves more room for teams to decide HOW they want to work. Putting the focus on WHY something has to be done and asking WHAT has been achieved, Rune came to the wording TIGHT LOOSE TIGHT.

About Susanne Ringen: As a business and leadership consultant, Susanne discovered Tight Loose Tight in 2021 when reading about it on LinkedIn. Since then, Rune and her have been working together to spread Tight Loose Tight over the whole world. Together, they have started the Tight Loose Tight training programme by the Tight Loose Tight institute. So far, Susanne holds the only certification outside Norway to teach Tight Loose Tight.

About Christian Kalla: Grammy nominated producer Christian ‘Crada’ Kalla founded PLYGRND in 2020 as a boutique label and a publishing company created by artists for artists. Their goal is to present a reliable space based on health, focus and inspiration on the creative and the business side. They contribute by shaping the future of Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB and Soul through high value and high quality music, reliable communication, fair and transparent deals and appreciation for community and culture.