this was 2019: “Why & Who” over “What & How” …

… Else your transformations will fail!

Every company wants to become „agile“. Barely anyone knows what that means. In my current state of confusion I believe „agile“ means decentralisation of decision powers, reduction of bureaucracy, self-organisation and consequent inviting leadership.
For that reason we need to stop the agile cargo cults. We did try to accelerate businesses with scrum theatre by pushing people into teams, pushing them into retrospectives, commitment, reporting and deadlines. The structures of big companies never changed and we celebrate some agile flavoured command and control.
Together we will discuss how to apply agile principles to your agile transformation.

Session with Alexander Krause

This is a pre-selected sessions to make you curious and demonstrate how the session-pitching works.

Alex lives in Germany and is in love with Sweden and Agility – he likes to work with people on the system. His expertise is systemic change, human interaction and the creation of complex solution systems.