this was 2019: Open Participatory Organization

Imagine an organization driven by purpose where all work, both strategic and operational work, is performed in self organized teams. Imagine an organization with a high degree of trust and transparency, and where multiple sub-cultures naturally develop and are cultivated in different teams depending on needs and the type of work that the team performs.

OPO – Open Participatory Organization – is an open architecture to facilitate creating such organizations. It does not require a whole systems approach to adoption. OPO has been designed with a realistic approach to how people naturally are and has been built on top of world class level understanding of complexity, human psychology and group dynamics.

Session with Michael Göthe

This is a pre-selected sessions to make you curious and demonstrate how the session-pitching works.

Michael is an Agile Organisational Coach at Crisp in Stockholm. He is passionate about transforming organizations and business to become truly Agile organizations. He has co-founded the Agile community Agile People with the purpose to bring Agile principles and values to the broad public and is co-organizer of the yearly Agile People Sweden conference. He has extensive experience since 20+ years of building high performance team-based Agile organizations in large multi-national/cultural organizations as well as working with start-up companies, public sector and non-profit.