New Work Sweden in 2020

2019 is going to end soon…
reflecting about this year and planning for 2020:
We will organize at least two events in Växjö for the agile community!

  • 7th April 2020 at 17h: Short impulse-sessions followed by two hours in Open-Space format.
  • Second half of September 2020: A two days Unconference, fully packed with content provided by the community! YAY!

this was 2019: Liberating Structures – Including and unleashing everyone

Liberating Structures  is a repertoire of 33+ simple methods or structures that quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include and unleash everyone. You often find that they productively and playfully disrupt conventional patterns in how we work together.

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this was 2019: Open Participatory Organization

Imagine an organization driven by purpose where all work, both strategic and operational work, is performed in self organized teams. Imagine an organization with a high degree of trust and transparency, and where multiple sub-cultures naturally develop and are cultivated in different teams depending on needs and the type of work that the team performs.

OPO – Open Participatory Organization – is an open architecture to facilitate creating such organizations. It does not require a whole systems approach to adoption. OPO has been designed with a realistic approach to how people naturally are and has been built on top of world class level understanding of complexity, human psychology and group dynamics.

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this was 2019: “Why & Who” over “What & How” …

… Else your transformations will fail!

Every company wants to become „agile“. Barely anyone knows what that means. In my current state of confusion I believe „agile“ means decentralisation of decision powers, reduction of bureaucracy, self-organisation and consequent inviting leadership.
For that reason we need to stop the agile cargo cults. We did try to accelerate businesses with scrum theatre by pushing people into teams, pushing them into retrospectives, commitment, reporting and deadlines. The structures of big companies never changed and we celebrate some agile flavoured command and control.
Together we will discuss how to apply agile principles to your agile transformation.

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The beginning of NewWorkSweden

The New Work Sweden journey began on may 22nd 2019:
Linda, Mattias, Henric and Alex organized a first evening-event for the agile community in Småland. Visma in Växjö was so kind to sponsor the location. We combined short impulse sessions with an Open Space.

With this experience we decided to go for a two days Open Space format in autumn 2019 and started organizing New Work Sweden.